An idea which resulted in an exercise based on Stenden South Africa’s Disaster Management theory, Sarah Baartman District Municipality together with all Ndlambe Emergency Services including independent organizations dealing with the safety and security of the area did their part for International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). This technique is used to test all emergency services response & skills relating to an emergency, therefore in Port Alfred, a mock accident involving a busload of students that crashed into a truck was staged.

The Port Alfred Nico Malan bridge is where this emergency drill took place. The scene was set with close to 20 students from Kuyasa High School that were in a bus which had ‘crashed’ into a fire truck. The students were covered in artificial wounds which were done by Stenden South Africa students in the Disaster Management department. This exercise was also to test the readiness of all the emergency services preparing for the upcoming South African festive season. Stenden South Africa is proud to have formed a part of this initiative in promoting safety and efficiency in our community.

Stenden South Africa’s BBA Disaster Management includes all aspects of planning for and responding to disasters. It refers to the management of both the risks and the consequences of disasters. The qualification offered on our campus is a four-year qualification which is recognized internationally.