Stenden partner Mantis Collection receives a series of prestigious awards

In the past three months hotel group ‘Mantis Collection’ has received an impressive number of awards. One of which was the award for “Best Global Luxury Hotel Group – Africa & LUX Excellence Award for Eco-Tourism 2017”.

Stenden extends its heart-felt congratulations to the Mantis Collection on the occasion of winning this prestigious award. ‘We are proud to be working with Mantis. The recent awards are a testimony that they are the leaders in providing sustainable luxury hotel experiences. Mantis has sponsored several of our top students and is our key industry partner’, says Dr. Wouter Hensens, Executive Dean of Stenden South Africa.

Connection Mantis and Stenden

The founder and Chairman of Mantis, Adrian Gardiner, is a member of the Board of Governors of Stenden South Africa. Furthermore, the Stenden MyPond Hotel, a 4-star boutique hotel in Port Alfred, South Africa, is a member of the Mantis Collection as is the Stenden Hotel in Leeuwarden, which is part of the Stenden Hotel School in the Netherlands. Both hotels lie at the heart of Stenden’s Real World Learning concept. The hotels are managed by Stenden students, which offers them the opportunity to broaden their horizon and their knowledge and experience in a cross-over between traditional hospitality and eco-tourism.

Other awards

Mantis Collection comprises a respectable list: Hotels, Eco Escapes & Lifestyle Resorts throughout the world, ranging from Iceland to Antarctica. Noteworthy about the LUX award is that it is given on merit alone, independent of size or location of the operations. This is not the first time a member of the Mantis Collection receives a renowned award, nor are its successes limited to the Eco and wildlife domains: for example, in the UK the Draycott Hotel won the BoHos award for Best UK City Hotel 21 – 50 rooms (for the boutique, lifestyle and hybrid hotels which provide the very best in guest experiences).

Mantis Education

Mantis not only furnishes high quality accommodation for guests, Mantis Education offers young people a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of hospitality and nature conservation.This accentuates the connection with Stenden’s vison ‘serving to make it a better world’, strengthening Stenden’s reasons for sharing the pleasure and pride associated with receiving the awards.