My name is Simba E. Vhurumuku doing my final year of the BBA Disaster Management Degree. I have received the privilege and honour to finish of my degree with an internship with the United Nations. I am with the United Nations Development Programme department working on the UNDP/IGAD project in Nairobi. I was assigned the role of consultant, were I get to review reports from the region (Horn of Africa comprising of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya, Eretria, Uganda and Tanzania.). As well draft up reports that are needed by the project office, prepare and plan for regional meetings within the region.

My best memory was being given the opportunity to head one of the technological innovation REACT. This is a mobile application for safety, security and disaster education for the region. Received the opportunity to present the application to the Director and Deputy Director of the National Disaster Management Unit ok Kenya which they were impressed and giving us the opportunity to train over 50 police offices in the county to become admins of this application. This experience has taught me a lit, firstly the sky is a limit and no matter how small or young one might think he or she is, as long as you believe and value the teachings forged in you, you will definitely succeed and reach great heights. I am grateful for the degree and all the Lecturers that have been part of ensuring our potential is unleashed, I am a living Testimony. I have seen myself utilise all the skills given to me especially those of PBL they really came into play and saved me on many occasion especially meetings with high esteemed delegates. Thank you Stenden