The current Stenden South Africa Disaster Management 2nd year students recently had the privilege to attend a presentation by Mr Stopforth, who assisted with the Knysna fires in 2017.

Ruan Cannon, the  Disaster Management Practical Instructor had the following to say about the experience, ‘What an honour it was to be in the presence of such a courageous hero, who listened to his heart and stepped up to assist the community of Knysna with their disastrous fires. The work that you and your team of 100 Fire Fighters did was truly an inspiration to us.  Stenden South Africa salutes you all including everyone else who was involved in assisting in reducing even further devastation. We also sympathize with those who tragically lost loved ones and entire homes during this time. In conclusion, it was fantastic to hear what we, as South Africans, can do if we act humane and work together.”

Stenden South Africa would like to thank Mr. Stopforth for taking the time to address our eager Disaster Management students and for opening up their eyes to ‘real world disasters’ right here on our door step.