It has been said that ones most precious memories occur during their academic life. We form bonds, grow as people and expand the mind to new information and experiences.
When entering Stenden South Africa, the future was unclear, but fast forward a few years later and graduation day is on the horizon.
With just a few days left until the big moment, students from all walks of life will be filling up the Royal St Andrews hotel on the 18th May 2018, to receive their hard earned degrees and share their proud moment with loved ones.
This is the very first graduation for the disaster management course, which was accredited in 2012, and will see 10 Bachelor of Business Administration in Disaster Management students, as well as 34 undergraduates accepting their hospitality management degrees.
The function will not only give an in depth insight into this auspicious moment but will also be presented by keynote speaker His Excellency Geoffrey Doidge, the Ambassador of South Africa to Thailand, who has given a number of guest lectures to the future Disaster Management graduates of 2018.
Although Stenden South Africa is small, it’s an excellent private higher institution, offering the Hospitality Degree and Disaster Management Degree, as it creates strong bonds between its students and staff, who will not just be saying Bon Voyage to their beautiful campus, but also the beloved Stenden family.
The road to their future is anything but dull for these future leaders. The courses offered at Stenden South Africa are incredibly fruitful and have resulted in a sweet harvest, with most students already having full-time employment, due to the international and local internship opportunities available across the globe.
Golden adventures are granted to the South African and international students, by allowing them to do a campus hop to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Qatar and the Netherlands to experience the industry and diverse cultures or get practical training at The My Pond Hotel, located in Port Alfred, South Africa.
Due to their incredible work ethic, moulded by Stenden South Africa, students may receive offers of employment or can choose to enhance their travel taste buds, by venturing off to their next destination.
When asked what her hopes are for the students, Student Affairs Manager, Ronel Bartlett quoted Maya Angelo by saying, “You can only but truly become accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you”.
Stenden South Africa wishes their students nothing but the best for the future and thanks them for allowing the institution to be part of their academic journey.
Farewell and Good luck.