We are Isabelle Eppink, Fleur Bergmans, Dodi Koops & Sharon Lubbers, and we are currently studying our minors at Stenden South Africa. Originally, we come from NHL Stenden University in Leeuwarden & Emmen, and we are all studying International Hospitality Management.

Besides the minors we follow in South Africa, we do voluntary work every week at Ingubo Children’s Haven in Nemato. We help with homework, sports, and we play games with the children. Because we want to do more for the mothers and children of Ingubo, we started a crowdfunding initiative. We did this because we want to give them much more, for example educational books for reading, games & toys, some financial space to do a fun activities with the children, and to make the building even more like ‘home’. The number one priority is the shortage of food that they have. At Ingubo they currently have too little food to feed the children every day, and we would like to change this.

With the crowdfunding we managed to raise a total of 4372 euro’s, which is an amazing amount! With this money we did some very nice things for them already, for example: we paid gas and electricity in advance, stocked up their groceries, bought them a new fridge, and gave the Ingubo building a fresh coat of paint.

Please go and have alook at their Facebook page: Ingubo Children’s Haven for more information.