Jan Blom joined us at The Stenden South Africa Campus on the 15 November 2018 to receive a cheque to the value of R95 000 from NHL Stenden in the Netherlands. Jan Blom is the founder of the Nemato Change a Life in the Nemato Township. Mr Blom is from the Netherlands and moved to Port Alfred in 2002 to live in the Nemato Township with his late partners family. Mr Blom was a rowing coach in the Netherlands and therefore started coaching rowing here on the Kowie River and thus the Nemato Rowing Club was formed. Mr Blom didn’t stop there, he was looking for ways to empower the youth of Ndlmabe and added three more sports to the mix namely a trampoline club, handball, and fencing. All of these sports are exclusive which he thought would provide the learners with more of a chance to succeed. Members have five to six training sessions per week and meals are available seven days a week. Nemato Change a life assists their members all the way from pre-school to tertiary education and even career support. The donated funds were used to fund four of their gymnasts to participate in the World Championships in Russia this past November. Mr Blom left campus with the following quote, ‘Success is possible, PROVE EVERYONE WRONG.’ For more information on Nemato Change a Life please click here.