Fish River Resort Upliftment Project

The Mantis Community Upliftment Programme and Stenden South Africa have joined forces to provide a week-long hospitality training workshop for 80 people from disadvantaged communities.

The workshop will be based at Fish River Resort, targeting residents from Prudhoe, Benton, Nier, Bell, Peddie, Hamburg and Gcinisa, Mgababa.

The Mantis Collection successfully reopened and has managed the Fish River Resort for the past 15 months, providing employment for 63 people – all from surrounding communities.

Explaining the purpose of the workshop, Mantis said in a statement that it intended to develop the capacity of individuals and groups of all ages, and that through their actions, the capacity of communities would be developed, to improve their quality of life.

The workshop is funded by Mantis and will be facilitated by lecturers from Stenden, which is a leader in hospitality training.

“When administered properly, community-based learning can be invaluable to the learner and assist in procuring permanent employment,” Mantis said.

All applicants must have a valid ID, provide proof of residence and valid contact details, be over 18 and have a Grade 10.

In addition, there is a R100 refundable registration fee – to ensure commitment and that students complete the five-day course.

Facilitating the logistics of the course on behalf of Fish River Resort manager Ashley Palm, Bob Shuttes said Mantis was targeting people between 18 and 30, but it was not limited to that.

Successful candidates will be divided into four groups of 20 students each, with each group hosted at a back-to-back five-day course between July 1st-12th. Classes are from 9am to 4pm daily. Those selected must commit to attend all the sessions every day.

The course includes: introduction to hospitality, restaurant service, carrying methods, communication, grooming and hygiene, hostmanship, personal leadership, bar service, serving wine, housekeeping, and conservation.

Candidates that complete “successfully” complete the course, will receive an Stenden/Mantis certificate.

Students will be allocated a R150 travel allowance for their own daily transport to and from the resort for the duration of the course. Tea and coffee will be available in the morning and a light lunch will be served to the students at no charge.

Please see the Stenden South Africa Website for further details.