On Wednesday the 5thJune 2019, the first year Disaster Management students defied the wintery weather to attend a site visit to the National Sea Rescue Institute Station 11. The students donned wetsuits and life jackets and plunged into the icy river to experience and learn techniques from the NSRI crew. The Disaster Management Students were exposed to the importance of the buddy system and teamwork when it comes to surviving in the icy water. Station Commander, Juan Pretorius, and his crew demonstrated and assisted the students with tasks such as the straddle jump, swimmer recovery and buddy towing, providing the students with basic sea rescue and survival skills. The students were also given the opportunity to helm the rescue crafts under the supervision of the coxswains, which was definitely a highlight of the evening.

Stenden South Africa is committed to exposing their students to real life scenarios and practical training. This commitment is possible through the close relationship between the NSRI and Stenden South Africa.

Thank you to Station 11 and well done to all the students who took the leap to expand their understanding.