At Stenden South Africa, the Grand Tour students are not the only ones looking forward to an overseas adventure. In September 2019, Tracey Painting, Senior Lecturer Hospitality Management, will embark on an adventure to the NHL Stenden Campus in Leeuwarden, where she will work for the upcoming module as part of NHL Stenden’s Staff Exchange program.

In South Africa, Tracey  heads up the Events Management minor and lectures in year 1 and 2 of the Hospitality Management programme.  In the Netherlands, she will continue to lecture as well as facilitate both Problem Based Learning and Design Based Learning sessions. Tracey will also use her time in Leeuwarden to complete her PHD.

In her 10 weeks abroad, Tracey looks forward to experiencing the debut of Design Based Learning at the Netherlands campus, and hopes to learn some skills to bring back to our campus in South Africa.

The  Dean of the Hotel Management School, Dr. Chipumuro, is excited about the experience and insight Tracey will gain.  She hopes the experience will allow Tracey to explore the hospitality industry in the Netherlands, learn about the process and implementation of the Design Based Education and finally add to her existing extensive knowledge surrounding Events Management.

Tracey will be returning in November this year and will then assist with the second part of the exchange where an international lecturer will be joining the Stenden South Africa team in January. Stenden South Africa wishes Tracey all the best for her time in Leeuwarden!