On Thursday the 25thAugust 2019, Stenden South Africa was visited by representatives from the Mantis Collection Group as well as representatives from Chester Zoo. Chester Zoo aims to work with Mantis to create a hotel at their Zoo in England and embarked on a journey to learn more about the hotel group.

The Chester Zoo representatives included Jamie Christon, the Chief Operating Officer, Dom Strange, the Director of Operations and photographer Jonny Noakes, Owner of Jonathan Noakes Photography. The trio travelled from Cheshire to record a film about the work of Mantis. During their time in Port Alfred, they met with Adrian Gardner at the Founders Lodge, had lunch at Oceana and visited the Stenden South Africa Campus and Stenden’s learning Hotel MyPond. Christon, Strange and Noakes filled their time at Stenden with a campus tour, introduction to the institution and interviews with students both on campus and at the hotel.

Stenden South Africa is proud to be partners with Mantis Hotel Group and hopes to continue to develop this relationship for the future. We wish Chester Zoo all the best for their upcoming ventures.