My name is Jess van Schalkwyk and I am the Digital Channels Coordinator for All Hands and Heart – Smart Response, the leading Volunteer-powered International Disaster Relief organisation.

When you ask people what their dream job is, most will say that they want to work with people and help make a difference in the world. Working for All Hands and Hearts has meant that I am able to do this in a truly tangible way and be a part of a global community that embodies what every society should aspire to be. I can honestly say that I love my job and that choosing to study Disaster Management at Stenden, South Africa was the best decision I ever made. Although it is challenging and there are days where you feel like there is nothing going right, there are so many more days where the impact we are making restores my own hope in humanity and helps me to see that being a Disaster Manager is exactly what I want to be doing. Click here for the full story.