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A 300 to 400 word essay answering the following questions: 1. Why does the disaster/hospitality management industry appeal to you? 2. Why do you think you would make a good manager in the disaster/hospitality industry? 3. Why do you want to study at Stenden South Africa? *

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Proof of payment of application fee: 1000,00 ZAR for international students, 500 ZAR for South African students. Our banking details are as follows: First National Bank, Branch number: 210917, Account number: 62241665548, reference: applicants name, swift code: FIRNZAJJ*


This section must be completed and signed in order for this application to be deemed complete.

The Student.

  • You must ensure that the information you have supplied is correct. If the information is incorrect SSA is entitled to reject your application, terminate your admission or cancel your registration immediately.
  • During your time as a student you must follow the rules and regulations of SSA, which are published on the SSA Groups drive or student manager, and you will also be given these digitally upon arrival.
  • You must pay all registration, tuition, class, residence and any other fees set out in the SSA Fee structure and this must reflect on your account once registered. If SSA has to take legal action against you, you will pay all of SSA's legal costs.
  • SSA will charge you interest on overdue amounts at a rate of 15,5%. SSA will start charging interest at the end of the first month after the amounts were due to be paid by you.
  • SSA is entitled to refuse you entry to examinations, withhold your examination results, refuse to register you for any further courses, or withhold your graduation certificate if your account is not paid in full. SSA may also apply all four measures.
  • If you require emergency medical treatment SSA will get medical assistance for you, but you will pay all costs relating to the treatment.
  • The following terms are very important, because they limit your ability to claim for any harm to you, your property or the loss of the property while you are on SSA property. If you do not understand these terms, please ask for an explanation.
  • If you suspect you have an infectious or contagious disease you must get medical assistance immediately and you must withdraw yourself from all SSA activities and accommodation and take all steps to make sure that you do not infect other students and staff. If you fail to take these you will be held accountable for any claims that are made against SSA (in legal terms you must indemnify SSA against these claims). If legal action is taken against SSA you will also pay all these legal costs.
  • SSA will not be help responsible for any harm to you or your property or loss of property, except for claims that fall under the next bullet point.
    This means SSA will not be liable to you or your dependants, even while you are:
    • On Stenden property;
    • Participating in an activity relating to your studies or training;
    • Participating in recreational activities;
    • Using any of SSA's premises, building, equipment or facilities.
    • Staying in or visiting any of SSA's residences or other accommodation.
  • You will only be able to bring a claim for harm to you or your property if it is caused because you had access to property or equipment that was defective or unsafe, or if you were not given proper instructions or warnings. In other words, you can only bring a claim that falls within Section 61 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. If this application is accepted, it will constitute part of the contract with SSA.

Tick here: *I agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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Stenden South Africa

First National Bank

Branch number: 210917

Account number: 62241 66 55 48

Reference: applicants name

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or direct deposit payments are preferred. Permission from Stenden South Africa is required before bank drafts, cash transactions or cheques will be accepted.

Cheques must be made out to be Stenden South Africa BV Incirporated. Please note all international payments must include the additional amount of R125.00 to cover bank charges.


Sponsor to complete the section below. If applicants paying for his/her own fees applicant to complete section below.

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The Applicant's parent/guardian must sign this form, whether you are 18 years older or not.

The Parent/guardian.

  • By agreeing to the terms of this form you become a surety and co-principle debtor for the debts of the student. This means that Stenden can hold you liable for any debt owed by the student, whether the student acted with your consent or not.
  • You consent to the agreement between the student and Stenden, and specifically to the terms set out in the applicant section above. This means that, if the student is a minor, you are ratifying the agreement concluded by the student.
  • You agree that Stenden can claim the entire amount that is owed by the student from you without claiming agains the student first (in legal terms you are jointly and severally liable as surety and co-principle debtor). if you do not understand what this means you should obtain legal advice.
  • You must read the applicant section above very carefully, as you will be held responsible if the student does not comply with any of the terms.
  • In particular, you will be held liable for any of the fees mentioned in the Applicant
  • You must read the applicant section above very carefully because it limits Stenden's liability for any harm to the student, the student's property or loss of property. In addition Stenden will not be responsible for any harm to you or your property when you are on Stenden property or participating in an activity relating to the student's studies. You will not be able to claim in terms of Applicant Section above on behalf of yourself or the student, except if the student was a minor at the time of the injury or damage.

If you are married in community of property then both you and your spouse must sign

I am married in community of property.I am not married in community of property.

Parent/Guardian to tick here: *I agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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