Be Early

  1. We make sure we are present before the agreed time for all meetings to show respect to the people we are meeting with.
  2. We plan our activities early so that we can complete our work in time.
  3. If we need to excuse ourselves, we do so early.
  4. If we have made a mistake, we communicate this directly and honestly.

Be Prepared

  1. We are prepared during office hours to engage with other people. This means that during these hours, we are well presented in dress and grooming. When in uniform, our self-presentation is immaculate.
  2. Before we engage in any learning activity, we have familiarized ourselves with what is expected of us for that activity.
  3. We know our responsibilities by having read the prospectus and all other publications regarding our curriculum.
  4. We read our email daily and respond in 24 hours.

Be Excellent

  1. We greet each person we meet with a smile and are courteous to all we meet. We make an effort to get to know the people in our environment.
  2. We speak a language we all speak: English.
  3. We treat each person with respect and dignity, regardless of nationality, race, sex, religion, or social-economic status.
  4. This dignity and respect is reflected in all our communications, also email, which we consider a formal communication medium.
  5. We resolve conflict, when it arises, in a mature manner focusing on a ‘win-win’ for both parties.
  6. We take responsibility for our campus environment; we keep it clean and neat at all times and encourage others to do the same. When we encounter garbage, we pick it up. We leave crockery and cutlery in the restaurant to ensure there is plenty for all at all times. We do not disturb others with our noise.
  7. We recognize that we are here to learn and that our curriculum only provides one part of this learning experience. We therefore seek and accept constructive criticism as a means to improve.
  8. We are proud of our school and its image.  When we are unhappy about something we bring this to the attention of the person responsible and do not share our frustration with others.
  9. We recognize that our behaviour is visible at all times, also off campus and in our private time.
  10. We take responsibility by addressing inappropriate behaviour of others.

Have Fun

  1. We realize that having fun in our work and studies is the best motivator to be excellent. We thus make sure we have fun.