South Africa is often referred to as The Rainbow Nation in order to describe the country’s newly-developing multicultural diversity. It is a country that is highly diverse in terms of its climate, culture, tourist activities and history. South Africa’s scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors and wildlife has made it one of the world’s fastest growing travel destinations offering world-class surfing, safaris, diving and just about any other extreme sport you can think of.

Port Alfred Campus

Port Alfred, known as the heart of the Sunshine Coast, is located in the Eastern Province of South Africa. Stenden South Africa is situated in the former ‘Kowie Grand Hotel’, with the hotel being converted into a campus containing lecture and design based learning rooms, a library, computer room, dining hall and student accommodation. The views from the front lawn allow one to see the stunning Royal Alfred Marina and East Beach. The Wildlife module is offered on a separate campus at Koffylaagte Game Lodge, Addo.

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Annemay Pennarts – Events Management Minor 2019

From the moment I started at Stenden University I already decided that I wanted to go on Grand Tour in my third year. I love to travel, discover new cultures and meet new people. Therefore, staying in Leeuwarden was no option for me.

After my amazing experience at the Stenden campus in Qatar I flew to South Africa. Two different worlds but in my opinion the greatest combination you can make. I visited South Africa 10 years ago and I can remember that I was amazed by the culture, mentality of the people and the overall vibes. That’s why I came back to South Africa and experience this on an enhanced level.

Currently I am following a minor in Event Management and we are busy organising an event for UFWH (Universities Fighting World Hunger). On this day we will  fast for a period of time to create awareness for people that are going to bed on an empty stomach but also to raise money for the Soup Kitchen in Port Alfred. We will participate with not only all the students of Stenden South Africa but also Stenden Bali, Thailand, Qatar and the Netherlands are participating at the same time.

In my free time I am busy with volunteering at the Peter Pan school in the townships of Port Alfred. It is really impressive but also really thankful work. I really enjoy to play with the children and to go there every Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I broke my hand on the first day I arrived in South Africa but it does not stop me to explore the country. Every weekend we are renting a car and driving to different places around the Eastern and Western Cape. Being integrated in the South African life and making new friends is one of the most valuable aspects of grand tour.