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Tawana Muratu, Hospitality Management student, from Zimbabwe – First year

Stenden South Africa is a great institution for any student. The campus which is located in Port Alfred (a small town in the Eastern Cape), makes it easier for everyone to know each other and new students get familiar with the environment fairly easy. The student life is exciting with various events and facilities – most of the events are organized by Stenden South Africa to keep the students entertained when they take a break from their studies.

Stenden South Africa is filled with students from all over the continent and Grand Tour also brings in students from overseas and sends out students overseas to other campuses giving everyone an opportunity to learn different cultures. When I arrived at Stenden South Africa I felt part of the family and I am sure it is easy for anyone to make friends here. The academics are great and Real World Learning is the icing on the cake, I would recommend Stenden South Africa to anyone who wants to study hospitality management.

Jeki Kasanga, Hospitality Management student, from Bahrain – Second year

It’s a privilege to learn at Stenden South Africa as it’s not only one of the best Hospitality institutions in Africa but provides us students with one of the most unique education experiences. Firstly, the uniqueness of Stenden South Africa is that lecturers are always on hand to assist students with any academic problems encountered. This enables students to excel and will open doors for them in the future. Secondly, the student life as a student at Stenden South Africa is addictive. There are many endeavors to experience, and many awesome people to meet from different cultures. The relationships and bonds that one formulates here will truly last forever.

Jessica Pfotenhauer, Hospitality Management student, from Botswana – Second year

Though Stenden South Africa is located in the beautiful, small, coastal town of Port Alfred it offers the perfect place for students to study while balancing studies with a vibrant student life. What is so great about Stenden is the diverse community. With its family-like atmosphere, one never feels far from home. One of my favourite aspects of Stenden is the open door policy that the lecturers have with the students as well as the small lectures, workshops and PBL’s that allow for more of an intimate learning experience. I enjoy Stenden for it’s close knit family atmosphere and the experiences I have gathered from inside and outside the classroom.

Rian Basson, Disaster Management student, from South Africa – Second year

Stenden South Africa might be one of the smallest tertiary institutions in South Africa, but as they say: ‘dynamite does come in small packages’, thus I term Stenden South Africa as; The place to be. What makes the institution unique for me is the class sizes are smaller so one gets the opportunity to have more one on one time with the lecturers rather than just being a number in a class. What I like the most about Stenden South Africa is the friendships students make. I can now say, I definitely believe the saying “The friends you make at tertiary education are your friends for life”. Stenden South Africa has an amazing campus life with events taking place throughout the year. Stenden South Africa also hosts Grand Tour students from other Stenden University Campuses which allows students to learn more about different cultures. Stenden South Africa also makes use of very effective teaching methods such as: PBL’s, workshops, field trips and guest lectures.

Aminath Rushdy, Disaster Management student, from the Maldives – Third year

Stenden South Africa. I had a good feeling about this place because of the student rating and the comments on the Facebook page. The little things that I have grown to love are from maintenance to administrative staff to lecturers, they always have a smile for you, a ‘hello and a how are you today’. You are not just another face. You feel your place in the Stenden Community with your own individuality. Also, the diversity, the close-knit and family bond. The friends you get to make here makes your circle quite large and international. You know you got a friend you can look up, no matter where you go in the world.

For an undergraduate program, the learning environment Stenden South Africa offers is amazing. I love how, through PBL our lecturers push us to come out of our shells and become the very best we can be, the open door policy and the continuous support base in the form of career development are things you just can’t go without mentioning.

Every day at Stenden South Africa has been a life-changing and memorable experience. People say you only get upset to leave a place because the place and the people have become so dear to you. My heart is already sore at the prospect of having to leave this campus in July.

Daleen van Eeden, Hospitality Management student, from Abu Dhabi – First year

I am a first year at Stenden, studying hospitality management. It has been a pleasant change of pace after moving from a big city like Abu Dhabi to a small town like Port Alfred, yet there are numerous ways in which you are kept busy – personally life has been truly exciting and unexpected. The diversity on campus allows one to experience different cultures first hand as well as developing a more globalized sense of community. the one thing that I love about Stenden is that we are challenged in many different ways as well as given real work experience. One never feels restricted by the four walls of the conventional classroom. Stenden is more than a place to study to me – it is a home away from home.

Anna-Monica von Habsburg, Hospitality Management student, from Mozambique – Second year

The Stenden South Africa family has a wide range of students from so many different cultural backgrounds. The diversity makes studying and campus life exciting and vibrant. Even though we are situated in a small town there are so many activities and events that bring us all together. Having the ocean nearby adds a special element to living in Port Alfred. I like the fact that Stenden South Arica encourages us to engage in the practical aspect of the hospitality industry. The interaction between the students and lecturers adds to a unique learning environment. I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.

Angela Etale, Hospitality Management student, from Kenya – Third year

Stenden South Africa has definitely helped me in my journey to self-growth. With the classes and the different opportunities presented, e.g: the Student Representative Council, Enactus, and different committees, the chance is always available. Coming from East Africa and interacting with the different cultures here, has been a wonderful experience. I am now in my third year, and the friends I have made, the lessons I have learnt, the places I have visited and the people I have met will all be greatly missed. Thank you for the experience Stenden South Africa!