One of the highlights of this term is that our students were invited to participate in three different themed challenges in The Knowlede Mission to South Africa, which was let by minister of education of the Netherlands, Dr. Robert Dijkgraaf.

The Stenden South Africa students were part of a group of students from three Universitites in the Eastern Cape, and students from Rhodes University and Nelson Mandela Universtiy participated, ensuring there is a healthy competition balance.

The topics to be presented were:

  • Enhancing graduate labour market absorption
  • How can the circular economy enable a just and green tourism sector
  • Arresting dropout in the TVET sector: A South African and Dutch perspective

Each topic had a specific goal that it had to achieve and the winners of each challenge had the opportunity to present to Dutch government officials in Pretoria this week.

For the finals, the top teams from each challenge took a trip to the University of Pretoria, where the findings  were presented to the Dutch dignitiaries.

Congratulations to the overall winners of the challenge who had a special meeting with the Dutch King and Queen!

On the social side, the entire group toured Pretoria, and visited Freedom Park which is an eye opener to the history and culture of South Africa.

Additional activities included touring the Cradle of Humankind which is a world heritage site.

Though students of the competition came from several different universities, students all collaborated very well and made some amazing memories.