May I complete a part-time or distance course through Stenden South Africa?

Stenden South Africa only offers full-time courses. At this time we do not offer any online, distance, part-time or short courses. We train our students in both theory and practical, and therefore our students are required to gain essential practical knowledge in our learning hotel (MyPond Hotel) and be available for classes on a full-time basis. With our course structure, students are able to do shift (part-time) work while they study.

I would like to study towards a career in Event Management, what course does Stenden South Africa offer?

The B.Com Hospitality Management degree includes components of event management, but also focuses on all aspects of management within the hotel and hospitality industry.

Students complete practical training in the conference centre at MyPond Hotel and gain valuable experience hosting conferences, weddings and birthday functions. The students also run several events on campus. Annual events that our students host, organise and coordinate include:

    • Mr & Miss Stenden: The Stenden South Africa Fashion Show
    • Monte Carlo: A casino-themed evening hosted by the second years for the third years. This is the farewell function before the third years leave campus to complete their internships
    • Student Awards: An evening event exclusively for students by the students. Various fun and intriguing categories are voted for and awarded.
    • Mid-module staff and student themed functions

In addition to the above mentioned functions, students often host other functions throughout their studies with us. They host Dinner or Dance functions and well as other events. One of the portfolios for students on the SRC (Student Representative Council) is the Entertainment Portfolio. Students who would like to specialise in Event Management are encouraged to become involved in this portfolio and will become involved in the management of themed parties, sporting functions, car washes, community upliftment events and other student activities.

Students equipped with our degree can go into service or entertainment industries such as Convention Centre Management, Banqueting Management, Catering Management and many other management positions. With the business side of our degree, graduates have the knowledge to open their own company.

Should students wish to specialise in event management, Stenden University (based in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands) offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, and registered Stenden South Africa students are able to obtain this specialization by studying towards obtaining a double degree. This would include completing a full year in The Netherlands, as well as completing the 6 month Event Management specialisation course as a fourth year to the Stenden South Africa B.Com degree.

Does Stenden South Africa offer bursaries?

As Stenden South Africa is a registered Private Higher Education Institution, the company does not have any government financing and therefore are not able to offer financial assistance. The occasional bursaries provided by corporate partners are typically advertised as they are provided.

What are the fees?

The fees are broken down into different categories. The first two tables show fees including accommodation and meals. Should students not require our accommodation or meals, the third table shows tuition fees only. Shared accommodation refers to two students in a room, sharing an en-suite bathroom. Students are usually accommodated in a hostel or in digs-style accommodation situated on campus or within walking distance of campus.

Availability of single accommodation is restricted.

I would like advice on my school points and if I qualify to apply. Can you help?

If you would like advice on your school results, you are welcome to send your certificates to us and we will gladly evaluate them and guide you through the application process. We require the following information in order to give you relevant advice:

  • Your school, and where it is situated
  • Your subjects and the marks/percentages you have achieved for each subject
  • Your age and information on any relevant industry experience you have
  • Your contact details

Please send this information to

Where is Stenden South Africa situated, and do you have several campus sites in South Africa?

The campus is situated in the picturesque coastal town of Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. Being equidistant between Port Elizabeth and East London affords residents of Port Alfred a relaxed, sea-side life that is not too distant from the bigger cities.

Stenden South Africa does not have any campus sites in South Africa other than the campus in Port Alfred. International Stenden campus sites are situated in The Netherlands (Leeuwarden), Indonesia (Bali), Qatar and Thailand (Bangkok)

Is the course accredited and registered?

Stenden South Africa is fully registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa. Our registration code is 2002/009834/10. The B.Com Hospitality Management and the BBA Disaster Management degrees are accredited through SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) with an NQF (National Qualification Framework) level 7 and 8 respectively.

Do students have to wear uniforms?

All Grand Tour students participating in Real World Learning for IHM should bring their Chef’s uniform with them.

I have filled in the online application form, what next?

Thank you very much for completing and submitting the online application form! An email has been sent to Stenden South Africa with all the details and documents you have submitted. Your application will now be checked to ensure all the required documents have been submitted and you will receive an email confirming the application has been received. If you do not hear from Stenden South Africa within ten working days, please email or phone 046 604 2237.

If you have not submitted all your supporting documents, you will be required to email the outstanding documents in order to complete your application. Documents required in your application include:

  • Completed application form
  • A colour passport-sized photograph (digital versions accepted)
  • Proof of payment of the R500.00 application fee
  • A copy of the applicant’s Identity Document or Passport
  • Copies of your last school results and any other relevant certificates
  • Fully completed and signed undertaking documentation (page three and four of the application form).
  • Personal essay (300-400 words in English) in which the applicant must answer the following questions:

Hospitality Management Questions:

  • Why does the hospitality industry appeal to you?
  • Why do you think you would make a good manager in the hospitality industry?
  • Why do you want to study at Stenden South Africa?

Disaster Management Questions:

  • Why does the disaster management industry appeal to you?
  • Why do you think you would make a good manager in the disaster management industry?
  • Why do you want to study at Stenden South Africa?

Once your full application has been received, you will be contacted for your Application Interview. This interview may be personal or telephonic, depending on your availability and willingness to travel to Port Alfred.

Once your application interview has taken place, you will be notified of the outcome of your application. If you have not submitted your final school results, you may be provisionally accepted (provided you meet the requirements) until your final results are released. If you are an international student, you may be required to submit your qualifications to SAQA or HESA for evaluation. If you have been requested to obtain SAQA or HESA evaluation, you are encouraged to submit your documents to them as soon as possible in order to ensure there are no delays and that you will be able to join Stenden South Africa on time for the orientation week of your intake.