Welcome to the cosmopolitan world of Stenden Higher Education, a world with you at its centre.

A period of study away from home helps you develop and discover skills that you often didn’t know you possessed. It teaches you to work and operate regardless of the different cultural contexts. It also unleashes your potential with respect to your job prospects, as employers are known to value graduates with international experience. Stenden South Africa students have the opportunity to study at one of our campuses in Europe, Africa or Asia. All you have to do is take your pick!

What Can You Expect?

Going on Grand Tour means you will follow a part of your study at one of the Stenden South Africa campus sites abroad. At each campus we work on a modular basis with an interdisciplinary approach. Local teachers and students make the study at one of the campus sites a truly international experience. There are various options, ranging from optional minors, internships or regular modules and semesters.

Who Can Apply?

All Stenden South Africa, students have the opportunity to join the Grand Tour programme. There are regular modules for students from the International Hospitality Management Programme (in South Africa, Bali and the Netherlands), the International Business and Management Studies (in the Netherlands) and the International Tourism Management Programme (in the Netherlands). Optional minors are available for Second and Third Year Hospitality and Disaster Management students. For example: Events and Spa Lodge Management in Bali and International Relations in Thailand.
Minors run for 10 weeks at a time and students are allowed to choose a regular International Hospitality Module, which also runs for 10 weeks.

10 Reasons for Going on the Grand Tour:

1. Gain valuable knowledge about different cultures
2. Experience cultural diversity and spectacular nature
3. Meet inspiring people in a different country and environment
4. Expand your personal and professional development through studying abroad
5. Improve your language skills
6. Gain international experience, independence and organization skills
7. Broaden your life experience and knowledge about others as well as yourself
8. Upgrade your portfolio
9. The chance to travel while studying
10. Have your ultimate, international educational experience

Grand Tour
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