Commuden¬† (Community Development Stenden) is delighted to announce the launch of recycling initiatives on the Stenden South Africa campus. Recycling bins have been strategically placed outside the dining hall and the computer room. Bins labeled ‘plastic’ are designated for plastic waste only, while those labeled ‘paper’ are for paper waste exclusively. All other waste items, including glass, tin, polystyrene, and food scraps, should be disposed of in the normal, non-recycling bins.

Additionally, small black wire bins have been placed in some classrooms for paper waste only. These bins will be emptied regularly, and their contents will be added to the paper recycling. We kindly ask that other waste items not be disposed of in these bins.

The success of this initiative relies on the collaboration of the entire campus community. We urge everyone to join us in our efforts to protect the environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Together, we can make a positive impact.