At Stenden South Africa, Real World Learning forms the basis of preparing students to hit the ground running after graduating!  During the last week of May, our third year Disaster Management students traveled to Rhodes University in Makhanda, accompanied by their Module Coordinator,  Ruan Cannon, and Robyn Bayne former student of our campus, as part of their mini Stream Assessment Scoring System (SASS) assessment for Real World Learning.  SASS is a rapid assessment method that is used to determine water quality and reporting on the pollution of water resources.

In preparation of the assessment, the students collected samples from a local river and took the samples with to test the turbidity, pH level, nitrogen levels, and examine the E. coli/bacteria found in the river.

This data can be compared to water quality standards set by the government and used to evaluate the river’s quality for multiple themes. The class learned to use different lab equipment and analysis methods, which will be beneficial for field research and mitigation plans.

Once again, Disaster Management demonstrates its diversity and holistic approach, proving that you can do many things with this degree. The third year class would like to thank Rhodes University for this exciting exercise and a big ‘thank you’ to Stenden for providing this opportunity.