Philanthropy and giving back to the community is a prominent link between all Stenden campuses around the world. Willem Bakker, from the NHL Stenden campus in the Netherlands, is an admirable example of this humanitarianism and expressed his desire to donate his retirement bonus of R20 000 to an educational community project at Stenden South Africa.

After discussions with Dr Wouter Hensens, the Dean of the South African campus, it was decided that the money would be donated in the form of 24 vouchers to attend our community computer course. This 9 week course is offered at the Robert Veenstra Entrepreneurship Center in the Nemato Township and exposes participants to Microsoft programs and other computer skills. These course vouchers will be awarded to the Port Alfred Golf Development Foundation to enable the children to increase their skills.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Willem Bakker for this donation! We look forward to seeing the difference it makes to the children’s lives as well as to the community as a whole!