On Monday, 26th October 2020, Stenden South Africa was proud to attend the Rotary handover of ten new computers to the Robert Veenstra Entrepreneurship Center in the Nemato Township. After a request was sent out earlier in the year to raise money for additional computers for the center Rotary clubs proved their motto of “Service above self” by going above and beyond to secure the machines for the computer center.

The computers were donated by the Rotary Club of Mount Albert and Surrey Hills in District 9810 in Australia through the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One. These two clubs work closely together and managed to raise the funds for the computers despite the difficulties of fundraising experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The computers have already been installed in addition to the existing 15 computers already at the center. John Mabote, the manager of the Entrepreneurship Center, was proud to show off his center, and is confident that the additional computers will be well appreciated by the Nemato residents.

Stenden South Africa is proud of the success already achieved by the Robert Veenstra Entrepreneurship Center and looks forward to working in collaboration with the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One to grow the impact of this project in the years to come.

Photo – Right to Left Hans Hon (President Rotary E-Club of South Africa One), Mzameli Dikeni (Head of Community Development at Stenden), John Mabote (Manager of the Entrepreneurship Centre), Dr Wouter Hensens (Executive Dean of Stenden South Africa)

Photo – Hans handing computer to John Mabote

Photo – Hans Hon (President Rotary E-Club of South Africa One), Tina Hon, Sheena Louca (Youngest member) and Mike Millard (Rotary E-Club of South Africa One)