What careers are available in Hospitality Management?

  • Events Management
  • Cruise Management
  • Hotel General Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Catering Manager

Do your students always land up in the Hospitality Industry?

The vast majority of our students are absorbed into the mainstream Hospitality Industry but, given the fact that they have completed a B.Com. degree, they are eligible to enter a number of alternative industries. Graduates have moved into banking, conferencing, entrepreneurship, advertising, education and the insurance industry.

What kind of internships do you have on offer?

Our internship database is currently standing at well over 100 industry partners, to whom we feel comfortable sending our students . The options are primarily 5 Star hotels. The majority of interns are based in South African properties, but we have seen a number go to the Middle East, UK, USA and more recently China. The South African Youth Exchange Programme is a brilliant platform for students wanting international exposure. In addition, we have/had students placed in wine estates, cruise ships, Destination Management Companies, catering companies and events companies.

Are you a Chef’s School?

No, our students complete a three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Hospitality Management, with management being the primary focus. There is, however, exposure to the basics of food preparation and in the Third Year, students can elect to manage the kitchen at our learning hotel, which exposes them further to the culinary side of the industry.

Are students assisted in finding permanent employment after graduation?

We do not directly assist students with finding permanent employment. However, we do facilitate a number of portals (alumni network, social media pages) where students can find job opportunities. Staff are also asked to contact students should they hear of any potential positions on offer within the industry. In addition, we find that the majority of students are offered permanent employment with the company at which they complete their industrial placement.

What are the entry criteria for studying at Stenden South Africa?

Students who have completed their schooling through the South African schooling system must have qualified for the National Senior Certificate and have met the minimum requirements for admission to a Bachelors’ degree as gazetted for admission to higher education in South Africa. In order to obtain admission to Stenden South Africa, a student must have met the above minimum requirements, together with a pass in English of at least 50%.

For more specific information please send us an email on infosa@nhlstenden.com

What is the Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour programme is a collaboration between all Stenden campus sites whereby our students are able to complete a number of modules at one of the International Branch Campus sites or at the Stenden University in the Netherlands itself. Credits for the degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete their studies regardless of what campus site they studied at.

  •  Event Management 1
  • Lodge Management
  • Change and Innovation
  • Online Revenue Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Hotel Opening
  • Advanced Wine Studies
  • Social Entrepreneurship School