The coronavirus pandemic may have led to disruption in hospitality; but the students of Stenden South Africa have shown great resilience and continue to expand their experience and knowledge, despite this adversity. One of the more popular ways has seen Stenden South Africa students getting involved with Snag Hoteliers; a platform created by recent graduates, Bradley Barrett and Dylan Cottrill. Utilizing the skills and capabilities that were fine-tuned throughout their studies, these two students identified a need for a collaborative platform that gives students and young hoteliers an opportunity to express their opinions and perspectives, thus encouraging others to find their own voice within the hospitality industry. One could say that this initiative was put in play from as early as the two students’ first PBL lecture in 2017. This approach to learning is a key component of Stenden South Africa’s educational structure and was a major factor that brought these two strong individuals together.

Bradley Barrett


Driven by my passion for business and my desire to be a success in the hospitality field, I know what it means to be able to immerse yourself in a setting with like-minded individuals. I have always been an enthusiastic entrepreneur but required a platform in which I could gain insight and support from others in a similar situation. With this, Dylan and I wish to use Snag to connect the industry to the young professional.

Dylan Cottrill


My passion and drive for business, coupled with my insatiable appetite for hospitality has led me to where I am today. I am hungrier than ever to build my entrepreneurial savvy by gaining knowledge and insight from those with a similar mindset. This platform is my dream; to explore other’s views, learn new things and build new relationships. Brad and I hope you enjoy our vision and what our Snag contributors have to say!

Megan Davel


My passion for hospitality stems from the enthusiasm I have for making others feel valued and cared for. I love to travel, discover new places and connect with people from different walks of life. Creativity, curiosity and constant learning are some of my biggest motivators. Through this blog, I will be able to share my thoughts and learn from others that share the same passion.

Bradley and Dylan have now recently introduced Megan Davel into the Snag team to further diversify the platform’s capabilities. One of these improvements to the platform’s toolkit is the partnership with their former university, Stenden South Africa. It is designed to select and encourage students to contribute to the forum, which aims to provide a space for business and hospitality discussions. Hospitality students, including the SRC President, Sihle Eyles, various Stenden Alumni and a European grand tour student have all contributed to the site by publishing articles or supporting content. Under the coaching guidance of Dylan and Bradley, students have had the opportunity to gain vital network connections and insight into their future industry.

Thank you to Snag Hoteliers for providing this platform which will in turn develop aspiring hospitality youths into professionals in their trade. With experiences like these, no adversity can defeat the success of the hospitality industry!

“Snag is a platform designed to bring an opportunity to students and young professionals that allows them a chance to express their views and perspectives outside of an academic structure. We want to hear your thoughts, no matter the topic or angle, because every article has the ability to teach something to someone.” – The Snag Team 

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