On Saturday the 26th September 2020, Stenden South Africa’s Model United Nations Club (SMUNC) debuted their inaugural Internal Conference, allowing the members to showcase the effort they have put in throughout the module. The event, hosted over Microsoft Teams, was an incredible success that enabled spectators, peers and adjudicators to experience a simulated United Nations General Assembly and a Crisis Debate.

Under the guidance of First Year Disaster Management Student, Dominique Binns, and the assistance of Mrs Ord, the SMUNC has flourished since its founding at the start of the third module. Students attend weekly sessions where they are briefed on UN procedures, current affairs and communication tactics and were divided into their respective countries. The students then spent many hours researching, planning and practicing their debates, Opening Statements and researching their countries thoroughly to be able to emulate their speech, behavior and thoughts. Each week they were enriched with global politics, public speaking, debating, negotiation and leadership training which was completed in addition to their studies and other commitments.

The students were able to showcase their work in the simulated UN General Assembly, where they explored, discussed and debated the global recession caused by COVID-19 in addition to a the futuristic discovery of gold on the moon. Their efforts received much appraisal from the adjudicators, which included Dr Hensons (our Executive Dean), Dr Oosthuizen (the Dean of the School of Disaster Management), Mr Phillip Immelman (a former Diplomatic Minister) and Miss Andrea Yazbek (the Chairperson of a chapter of the UN Association in South Africa). The praise was echoed by students, lecturers and Stenden South Africa staff who attended the proceedings.

The end of the day saw various commendations being awarded to the top students:

Marc Phillips (Russian Delegate) was awarded the title of Best Delegate

Janno Erasmus and Katlego Modupi (United States of America Delegates) were awarded the titles of Winning Position Paper and Winning Team for their Position Paper Submission and excellent joint performance

Special Club Awards went to Hannah Grace Guy for her club enthusiasm with the Generosity of Spirit Award, Kudakwashe Denhere received an Honorable Mention for her commitment and Katlego Modupi the Club Enthusiast Award for his upstanding character.

A special congratulations to Dominique Binns, the SMUNC’s Founder and Secretary General, for her incredible commitment and hard work in achieving such successful and honorable results in the first module of this clubs existence. Stenden South Africa is proud of Dom and her fellow SMUNC members for their achievements and is excited to see what the Module Four will bring for the club.

Well done to all who participated!

Marc Phillips and Michael Hara (The Russian Federation) 

Janno Erasmus and Katleho Modupi (The United States of America)

Tadiwa Fambisayi and Priyanka Lala (The French Republic)